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(Beta) Hub Info

AUSG HUB Beta Information

Making an online platform where individual creators can showcase and sell their works has always been AUSG checklist.
But after many internal revision, something just didn't felt right.

Taking a step back and closely observing the reason why visitors will travel down to AUSG Bonanza and
wait for long hours just to see and buy their favorite creators.

AUSG realized one thing.
Seeing and touching the physical item in person.

Indeed an online platform brings a lot of convenience to many but it also takes away the excitement, hesitation, discussion and
last but not least the presence of the creation itself.



Indeed the wait time and the allowed timing for shopping is greatly unequal and unfair.
And the last thing AUSG wants to happen is to have a visitor coming all the way down, only to leave due to the long queue.

Making a online catalogue of individual booths before the weekend, we hope visitors can see most of the creators' merchandise before dropping by instead of panic browsing and missing the hidden gems.



Looking at AUSG Bonanza and seeing how to bring every single creator
who come onboard to even higher grounds. A online catalogue with clear information might just be the next step.



AUSG Hub's content will change weekly basing of the weekend creators.
Successful applicants of AUSG Bonanza can setup as early as Tuesday and AUSG will prepare the online catalogue for the visitors to browse.

NO online purchase. The purpose for AUSG Hub currently is for easy browsing and all purchases has to been at AUSG Bonanza itself.

This is due to the multiple ongoing promotions and shortage of resources.
We seek your kind understanding in this matter.

To be frank, we are not sure where AUSG Hub will head to but we know we must try than we know!